Classic Stations

Introducing Chapman Design Systems Classic Station a high quality vanity station made of high quality stainless steel. We have made assembly of our Classic Stations easy with just 6 pieces, 12 bolts assembly can be made with just two tools. See instruction manual for detailed assembly instructions.

There are three size stations, 42”, 54” and 72” each one designed for different size applications. The 42” Classic Station measures 42”x28”x68” is the smallest of the stations available. It is the ideal choice for the small personal spaces and spaces that require the station to be moved around from place to place in a studio setting. The 54” Classic Station is slightly larger than the 42” and measures 54”x28”x75” and is a great choice for the small to medium size studios down to the private space where intimacy is key. The 72” Classic Station is the largest of the stations we offer. It measures 72”x28”x75” ideal for large commercial spaces where space is not an issue.

All of our Classic Stations offer USB ports ,outlets and a dimmer located on the inside front of the station allowing for easy access. Casters are a high quality easy rolling caster to help you get from one place to another easily. A 10” accessory shelf is located under the station for storing small items not in use. All of our Classic Stations come with a complementary set of 3” G25 Dimmable LED light bulbs with every station so you will be ready to go upon delivery.