Company History

For more than twenty years, David Chapman has been a portrait and  beauty photographer, with a keen eye for impeccable portraits.  He was hired for numerous high-profile photo shoots from Cosmopolitan to Vogue . 

But when it came to rental studio shoots, Chapman noticed top hair and makeup stylists did not have proper work spaces and they were forced to set up make-shift beauty stations. They were using clip lights, extension cords, and cheap folding tables which resulted in disorganization and frustrated professionals. Add to that, high profile professionals and celebrities were visibly stressed while getting their hair and make-up done, feeling the negative effects of this lack of professionalism.

That’s what sparked Chapman to shift his artistic focus to design. He felt it was crucial to create and build portable on-site beauty stations that were easy to install, high quality, and clean.  They also needed to provide all the necessary amenities. The stations had to be durable and sturdy, but at the same time attractive in any space.


Today Chapman Design Systems builds high-end beauty stations to enhance the convenience and professionalism of our clients. We research and use high-tech technology to service every aspect of our products, while working hard to use materials that are more environmentally friendly.

We are also engaging with our customers from around the world and developing new products to meet their needs. Our design philosophy is to create stations that are long-lasting and easily repaired with simple tools. By using only the finest materials, we are on a mission to become an industry leader providing high-quality beauty stations that elevate any brand.